DG paystub: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn about DG paystub. Discover the ins and outs of DG paystub. Learn how to read and understand your pay stub to better manage your finances.


A typical pay stub is a record that has a complete breakdown of an employee’s net earnings and deductions over a defined pay period. In the case of employees working in Dollar General, it is an essential document for them to peruse since it shows them how their checks have been calculated. In a way, it’s a slip showing you how your money has been spent after working hard but before reaching your bank account.

What is a DG Paystub?

An employee of Dollar General will receive a DG paystub which shows their earnings and deductions within a particular pay cycle. It lists down the salary gross means all earnings before deductions, net salary stands for take-home pay after that, and other withholdings such as federal state taxes including social security medicate among others.

It may also present contributions to benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans. Knowing your DG paystub will enable you to verify your earnings, control for taxes being withheld correctly, and track benefits. It is easy to access it using the online portal at Dollar General enabling employees to know what is happening with their finances and sort out any differences that arise.

DG paystub

How to fill out the DG paystub form?

Completing a Dollar General (DG) payslip may appear complex when you first look at it, but by following these instructions, it is not difficult to comprehend.

Step-by-Step Guide to Filling Out a DG Paystub Form

1. Personal Information:

  • Name: Please give me your full name as it appears on official documents.
  • Employee ID: Find and paste your special employee ID number that usually appears on previous pay slips or is given by the company.
  • Address: Please provide your current address, street, city, state, and ZIP code.

2. Pay Period Information:

  • Pay Date: Specify the date the paystub is to be generated and generated for.
  • Pay Period: Kindly input the beginning and ending dates that the paystub includes.

3. Earnings:

  • Regular Hours Worked: Record the number of hours worked during the pay period that are regular.
  • Overtime Hours: Please show how many additional hours could have been worked, if any.
  • Hourly Rate: Specify your hourly wage rate.
  • Gross Earnings: Kindly calculate and place here all your total salary including overtime incorporated (Hourly rate × Regular hours) + (Overtime rate *Overtime hours).

4. Deductions:

  • Federal Taxes: Enter the amount deducted for federal taxes.
  • State Taxes: Indicate the amount deducted for state taxes.
  • Social Security: List the amount deducted from Social Security.
  • Medicare: Include the amount deducted for Medicare.
  • Other Deductions: Please state any other reductions vis-à-vis health insurance, retirement contributions, or garnishments.
DG paystub

5. Net Pay:

  • Total Deductions: Sum up all the deductions.
  • Net Pay: The amount you will receive is arrived at when you minus Total Deductions from Gross Earnings to get Net Pay.

6. Employer Information:

  • Company Name: Write “Dollar General” or the appropriate name if different.
  • Employer Address: Incorporate the address for Dollar General’s location or Headquarters.

7. Verification:

  • Signature: To confirm the details that have been submitted for some of the forms presented you must sign in some cases.
  • Date: Write the date you filled out the form.

Tips for Accuracy

  • Double-check entries: Ensure all numbers are accurate to avoid discrepancies.
  • Keep Records: Maintain copies of your completed paystub forms for personal records.
  • Consult HR: If uncertain about any section, seek guidance from your Human Resources department.

Editing DG paystub online

Modifying an electronic paystub over the internet can serve diverse functions, like rectifying mistakes or giving it a personal touch. However, it is obligatory to execute this assignment carefully so that what you come up with is true and legally binding. Here is a template to take you through:

Step-by-Step Guide to Editing a Digital Paystub Online

1. Gather the Required Tools and Information

  • PDF Editor: Certain tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor, and online alternatives like PDFescape or Smallpdf.
  • Original Paystub: Make sure you possess the pay stub that you would like to adjust.
  • Correct Information: Get your entire salary data, deductions, and any other kind of information close at hand.

2. Choose a PDF Editor

Choose a PDF editor that is appropriate for you. There are enough free online editors for small alterations and the job may be better done by professional software in cases of massive amendments.

3. Upload the Paystub

  • Open your chosen PDF editor.
  • Click on the paystub file from your desktop or the cloud storage.
DG paystub

4. Make Necessary Edits

  • Text Editing: Choose the text on which you want to do some editing. You can click and do the changes directly by most editors.
  • Adding Text: Should there be a need for the addition of more information choose the text box tool and place it where it is required.
  • Correcting Errors: Ensure any corrections made are accurate and reflect the true information.

5. Update Formatting (Optional)

  • Font Style and Size: Adjust the font to match the original paystub format.
  • Alignment and Spacing: Ensure that all elements are correctly aligned and spaced out to give that professional look.

6. Review and Save

  • Carefully review the edited pay stub for accuracy.
  • Save the document in a secure format (PDF is preferred).

7. Keep a Record

  • Keep one copy of the original and edited pay stubs for yourself.
  • Clearly label the paystub as a corrected version if it is going to be shared or submitted.


Can I print my DG Paystub?

Yes, you can print your DG Paystub directly from the portal. Just go to your pay stub view page and then press the print option.

Is my personal information secure on DG Paystub?

Dollar General genuinely cares about the security and privacy of its workers. You should know that your private data is safeguarded using encryption and other security services through the portal of DG Paystub.

Can I access my pay stubs after leaving Dollar General?

When employment is terminated, access to DG Paystub may be restricted hence you should download the paystubs and save them ahead of the last working day. In case you’ll require any paystub post-employment please liaise with HR.`


It is very important to analyze your DG payslips for effective management so that your finances are in order as well as verifying that they pay you correctly. The primary goal of this guide is to simplify your pay stub by dissecting its main features and elaborating on standard deductions. In case of queries or errors, make a point of checking through your pay slip often, and do not hesitate to consult the HR department.

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